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as the wheel of tea turns...

Chuck proposed to me today in a Renaissance chapel.
I said yes.


So, anybody got a blog (un-LJ) I can add to Google reader?


Hey, I'm not ditching MySpace or LiveJournal, but I have moved my everyday updates to http://marinated-bat-nipples.blogspot.com/ just because it's faster and easier and everyone who doesn't have MS or LJ (like my family) can have easy access to it.

LJers: I am definitely not quitting LJ and will continue journaling it up when I can. LJ will be less typical everyday stuff/pictures of my cat's ass/celebrity mockery, and more of those super deep and life-altering thoughts for which I am known. Like fart jokes and intense pictures of macaroni.

I will of course continue utilizing both MS and LJ to keep track of my bitches, so don't worry.

moons and junes and ferris wheels.

Tea not yet having a job to pass the time + crappy photoshop skills + boredom + outtakes of random events + highlights + (people)(places)(tea) =

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a happy holiday note.

I finally quit my job. I've never been so elated and terrified at once. I did what had to be done. Wish me luck, because now I have no idea.

Cheers to a new year.

patrick bateman's got his birthday suit on

Happy Birthday, Hermione Grangarghhh!
Happy Birthday, self! Now go put some clothes on and quit eating pot pies!


It's about 9:36pm central, my time, and I'm in a serious mood to play Literati.
I'll be here until about 11:15. Hit me up if you want in.
email: teabizzle@gmail.com
yahoo: guardian_of_haldirs_mole

and that's all, folks.

Everyone smiles with that invisible gun to their head.

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of land-burning and sea-boiling...

So here's a meme-a-thing I stole from doubtful_salmon. Because... I like it. So there.

It contains 12 of my favorite movie/tv characters of all time.

01. Mr. Darcy - Pride and Prejudice (2005) [doubtful_salmon and dragonflylsu]
02. Abbe du Coulmier - Quills [doubtful_salmon]
03. Elizabeth I - Elizabeth [dragonflylsu]
04. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan) - Star Wars [doubtful_salmon]
05. Captain Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly [doubtful_salmon and dragonflylsu (within mere seconds of each other)]
06. Commodore Norrington - POTC [doubtful_salmon]
07. Peter Pan - Peter Pan [doubtful_salmon]
08. Faramir - LOTR [impossibility]
09. Phantom - Phantom of the Opera [doubtful_salmon]
10. Jareth, the Goblin King - The Labyrinth - [dragonflylsu]
11. King Arthur - Monty Python and the Holy Grail [doubtful_salmon]
12. Lee Holloway - Secretary [doubtful_salmon]

You have to guess which twelve characters go in their respective places on this list. You can do this by asking questions, such as what would happen if 5 and 6 got in a fight, how many of the people on this list are doctors and is 7 one of them, et cetera.

No one fandom has two representations on this list.

Pre-hint Hints (so you don't waste your time asking these questions):
None of them is the same actor/actress.
They are all human... mostly.
Were they not fictional, I'd find some way to sleep with them all. Except for one.